Haircuts For Men? Ask These Questions Before Choosing A New 'Do

Posted on: 16 December 2022

Do you need some serious style inspiration? Haircuts for men don't have to all include the same flat top, tapered in the back option. If you're not sure which cut is the best choice for your new 'do, take a look at the top questions to ask before you select a style. 

What Don't You Like About Your Current Cut?

You want to make a change. Before you explore cuts for men, you may need to think more about what you don't like about your current 'do. If you're not sure exactly what you're not happy with, ask yourself:

  • Is the overall cut the problem? Are you tired of the same cut you've had for years? Does the cut seem like it doesn't match your face or your current look? If the entire style is a problem, you will need a completely new 'do.

  • Are there parts of the cut you don't like? It's possible that the overall style isn't an issue. List the individual or specific parts of the cut that you don't like. These could include sideburns, bangs, or the back neckline. 

  • Did you ever like the cut? Is this cut an ongoing disappointment for you or was it one bad trip to the stylist? If you've had the same cut for years, but never truly loved it, you may need to make a dramatic change right now.

Bring your cut concerns to your stylist. This can help the salon professional to better understand your needs.

What Do You Like About Your Current Cut?

If you don't completely hate your current cut, the next step is to think about what you like about it. Do you like some parts of the cut—such as a spiky fringe on top or the length? Along with the dislikes, you also need to list your haircut likes. Explain the likes to your stylist and ask for their input. They may have a new hairstyle in mind that incorporates these likes or they may suggest a completely new 'do that is similar to the points on your list.

What Types of Cuts Do You Prefer?

Do you already have a new cut in mind? Did you see a style online, in a magazine, or in real life that you want to try? Scroll through social media pages, look at glossy photos in men's fashion magazines, or scan the subway during your next ride to work for styles that might fit your new 'do needs. 

Contact a salon like Vicara Salon to learn more about haircuts for men.