How To Prevent Hair Loss

Posted on: 18 February 2022

Healthy hair looks attractive, but exposure to UV rays can lead to hair damage and ultimately hair loss. Additionally, underlying conditions and post-pregnancy status can also contribute to hair shedding. This may cause patches on the hair. If you're losing your hair, you need to know how to manage this condition. Here is what hair loss prevention entails.

Utilize Mild Hair Care Products

Hair is usually delicate and can suffer damage due to harsh chemicals and shampoo. If possible, avoid using these chemicals as they can destroy hair follicles. Also, use dyes and highlighting sparingly since they may weaken your hair. Moreover, utilize mild shampoos for washing your hair to maintain your hair's natural oils that boost hair strength. Artificial hair care products may have harsh ingredients that may cause hair drying and shedding. Therefore, check the product ingredients to ensure that they protect your hair. Moreover, consult your hair stylist for suggestions for safe hair loss prevention products.

Avoid Hair-Straining Hairstyles and High-Heat Styling Equipment

Generally, hair can stretch, but only to a certain level before hair damage occurs. Therefore, avoid hair-pulling styles such as tight braids. Such styles can loosen your hair from the scalp, especially around the hairline. Additionally, using high-heat equipment like curling irons to style your hair promotes hair follicle dehydration, encouraging hair loss. Hence, avoid hair-straining hairstyles and high-heat styling equipment to preserve your hair.

Comb Hair With a Soft Brush

Brushing hair with a rough brush can cause scalp injury and hair follicle destruction. Thus, use a soft brush to comb your hair to help stimulate sebum production, which promotes robust hair growth. Additionally, comb your hair gently using a bottom-to-top motion to smooth your hair cuticles. Moreover, comb your hair every day to avoid hair tangling. Brushing tangled hair may require extra force that may pull out your hair. Therefore, use soft hairbrushes frequently to avoid plucking out your hair.

Invest in Supplements That Boost Hair Growth

Nutritional deficiencies in the body can also result in loss of hair. Nutrients such as zinc, iron, and selenium stimulate hair growth. Taking these supplements offers an excellent hair loss prevention treatment since the supplements boost the production of nutrients that stimulate hair to grow.

Common ways of stopping hair loss include combing your hair frequently with a soft brush and keeping away from hairstyles that strain your hair and from high-heat styling equipment. Additionally, use mild haircare products and take supplements to boost nutrient levels in the body. Follow these hair loss prevention tips to avoid losing your hair.

If you need additional information about hair loss prevention, contact a professional.