Good Haircuts For Men With Thinning Hair

Posted on: 19 November 2021

Is your hair becoming thinner and thinner? You may be noticing this phenomenon on a specific part of your head, such as along your forehead. Or, you might have thinning hair all over your whole head. In either case, you should work with your barber to make sure the haircut you get is one that helps make your hair growth look thicker and more even. Here are a few key haircuts to consider.

A Short Comb-Over

Long comb-overs always look like an obvious attempt to hide a bald patch. And if your hair is just starting to thin, you probably don't need a long comb-over anyways. A short comb-over, on the other hand, can do a good job of subtly camouflaging some thinning hair. The hairs that are combed to the side cover the scalp as well. This is an especially good choice for men whose hair is mostly thinning at the top of their heads. 

High Fade

Is your hair mostly thinning on the sides of your head? Then you might want to opt for a haircut called the high fade. The hair on the top of your head is left quite long — an inch or so. The hair on the sides of your head will be cut short with clippers. It gets shorter and shorter as it fades towards your ears and neck. Cutting it this short hides the fact that your hair is thinning.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is basically a long buzz cut with a flatter top. Your barber can choose the exact length of your crew cut based on how thin your hair is in various areas. For hair that's really thin on top, they'll generally recommend a shorter cut than for hair that's just starting to thin. This is such a simple style that it actually keeps your hair from attracting much attention at all, which helps keep people from noticing the thinning.

Tapered Pomp

If your hair seems to be thinning mostly towards the back of your head, then you may want to opt for a tapered pomp. With this style, the sides are cut short. The top is left long, but the front of the top is left even longer so it can be combed back. This way, the combed-back longer hair will hide some of the thinning.

Thinning hair can often be masked or minimized with the right haircut. To learn more information about haircuts, reach out to a company such as Vicara Salon.