How to Buy Hair for Cancer

Posted on: 9 August 2021

Do you need a wig because of your cancer? The chances are that you have lost all of your hair after those chemotherapy sessions. Therefore, you must use a wig that is natural-looking, comfortable, well-fitting, and affordable. You can find wigs for cancer patients from specialized shops where cancer patients get the best treatment. The following is a simple guide to help you choose the perfect wig:

Type of Hair

The hair on the wigs can either be human hair, synthetic fiber, or a combination of both. Synthetic fiber wigs are affordable, helping patients with cancer cover their bald heads. The wigs are comfortable, lightweight, and adjustable to the fit. So, think about the kind of hair you want before you go looking for a wig.

Wig Making Method

When making wigs for cancer patients, the manufacturers could use any of two methods: hand-tied and machine-made. Hand-tied wigs go through elaborate manual processes that ensure you only get the best wig available. On the other hand, machine-made wigs provide greater comfort to those diagnosed with cancer. They are economical and available in different hairstyles, head sizes, and hair colors.

Method of Attaching the Wig

Hair for cancer comes in different wigs, some are more fitting while others sit loosely over your head. If the wig is fitting, you won't require additional aids to attach it. The material making the wig needs to be comfortable over your scalp. If it is heavy or uncomfortably hot, you may want to avoid buying the wig.

Here is why the wig cap should be soft. When hair falls out due to chemotherapy, the scalp feels sensitive or tender. Therefore, the wig may irritate your scalp, which is why you may have to wear a cotton skullcap, scarf, or wig cap between the wig and the scalp. The cap or scarf protects the head from irritation and absorbs any resultant perspiration.

Care Method

After wearing a wig up to 18 times, you will need to wash it to remove the accumulated dirt and sweat. You can start by brushing the wig to remove all the hair spray, tangles, and teasing. The best product for the job is a gentle hair shampoo. While you are at it, you should avoid wringing the wig as doing so will make some of the hair strands break or frizz.


If you need hair due to your cancer, get a properly fitting wig from a shop that knows how to handle cancer patients. You may consider the type of hair, wig-making method, method of wig attachment, and method of care. If you observe that, you will get a well-fitting wig to cover your head. For more information, talk to a local wig business, such as Images Wigs, to learn more.