Barber Shop Or Salon: What's The Difference?

Posted on: 20 January 2021

Barbers and hairdressers both cater to both male and female clients, and both cut and style hair. So, the main question people have is what are the differences between barbershops and salons?

What Is The Main Difference?

While both barbers and hairdressers do work with both males and females there is the main difference. Barbershops are geared toward men, while salons cater to women clients. Barbers don't cut or style women's hair, while hairdressers at a salon offer cut and services for both sexes.

Can Women Go To A Barber Shop?

Yes, women can go to a barbershop, but they shouldn't expect any specialized services found in a salon such as color, styling, waxing/hair removal, or nail treatments. If those specialized services are needed, it's best to go to a salon. Women are welcome to visit a barbershop if they are wanting the hair trimmed, cut, or shaped. Barbers use scissors, clippers, and razors at their shop. Barbershops may also offer shampoos and custom shaves for men.

Can Barbers Refuse Service To Women?

Laws exist to protect people from discrimination, so a barber can't refuse service just based on gender. However, the laws don't force to offer a service to women if it is not a service offered to men. This means if the barbershop doesn't offer blow drying or coloring, a woman must go to a salon or shop that does offer those services.

Barber Shop Or Salon: How Do You Choose?

The best way to choose between a barbershop or salon is by deciding what services you need, and finding out which facility offers those services.

Go to a barbershop if you:

  • Are needing a simple trim
  • You have a beard that needs trimming
  • You want to pay less for your cut or trim

Go to a salon if you:

  • Want hair color
  • Need extra services—brows, nails, waxing
  • Need styling
  • Want salon-quality hair products

Men and women are free to choose where they want to go for service. Before deciding between a barbershop or salon, you can call and ask what services they provide. You can also inquire about costs. This helps you decide which facility is best for your needs and budget.

Gender doesn't have to determine which facility you choose, but the services provided and how well they fit your needs. Don't feel you have to choose based on anything else. Find a barbershop near you today.