The Proper Etiquette For Getting A Haircut

Posted on: 20 August 2020

There are unspoken rules of etiquette guiding everything in society. Some of these rules you may not even think about because you've been following them for so long. For example, you probably hold the door for someone behind you without even considering it. But what about when you go to get a haircut? That's a situation in which a whole specific set of etiquette rules apply. Make sure you're following these principles to ensure your stylist and the other customers have a good experience, too.

1. Book an appointment.

Some salons to offer walk-in services, but even so, it is far better to book an appointment. If you have an appointment, then the stylists won't be shuffling their schedules around to squeeze you in, and you'll get better service overall. When you do book an appointment, make sure you allow enough time afterwards so you and your stylist don't have to rush. It is completely okay to ask "how long will this take?" before booking an appointment accordingly.

2. Be on time.

If you are late, that will set back every appointment after yours, which is rude not only to the stylist but to the other customers. If your haircut is scheduled for 3:00, arrive at 2:55 — no later.

3. Say what you want.

While you might think you're being nice to the stylist by sitting down in the chair and saying "do whatever you want!" this is actually a huge faux pas. Stylists' job is to make your hair pleasing to you. It is considered good etiquette to therefore be clear about what you want. It's okay if you have a few questions or want some input as to whether style 1 or style 2 would be better suited to your face. But don't walk in with zero idea of what you want and expect the stylist to come up with something on the fly.

4. Leave a tip.

You should always tip your stylist about 15% of the total cost of your hair services. If they went above and beyond by fixing someone else's mistake, dramatically transforming your hair, or squeezing in an appointment at the last minute, then you may want to leave a few extra dollars. Tipping shows appreciation for their services and will ensure you get great service the next time.

Follow the etiquette guidelines above when getting a haircut, and everyone involved will have a better experience.

For more information, contact a local haircut service.