Why Buying A Human Hair Wig Could Be Better For You Than A Synthetic Wig

Posted on: 24 June 2019

If you're shopping for a wig, the first decision you have to make is if you'll buy a synthetic wig or one made from human hair. A wig made of human hair has some advantages, and this makes paying a somewhat higher price worth it. Here are some reasons you may want to buy a 100% human hair full wig.

Human Hair Wigs Look More Natural

The main reason to buy a wig made of human hair is that the hair looks natural because the hair is real. Inexpensive synthetic wigs often have a shiny look that's not found in natural human hair. Synthetic hair also tends to bounce and move differently than human hair. These subtle differences make synthetic wigs detectable, while human hair wigs will look more like your own hair.

Human Hair Has A Natural Feel

Human hair wigs feel different, too. While you probably won't have too many people touching your hair, those that do will notice the unnatural feel of a synthetic wig. Synthetic hair can feel hard or dry, unlike human hair, which feels soft.

Human Hair Wigs Respond Like Your Natural Hair

One other difference between synthetic and human hair wigs is the way the hair responds. Synthetic hair usually has a single style, and the wig has style memory so you can't do a lot to change the way the hair looks, although some expensive synthetic wigs can be heat treated to straighten them or make them hold curls. Human hair can be curled, dyed, and styled any way you want. The hair even responds to weather conditions. If you get caught in the rain with human hair, the hair may frizz or you may lose your curls in the same way your natural hair would respond.

Human Hair Wigs Have A Longer Lifespan

If you wear the same wig every day, you may have to replace a synthetic wig every few months to keep your hair looking its best. A human hair wig could last well over a year and still look as good as when it was new. This allows you to get good value for the price of the wig.

When you're shopping for a wig, you'll have a lot of choices, so talk to a professional for help in understanding them all. Try on different wigs and feel the texture of the hair. Some high-end synthetic wigs are nearly as good as human hair wigs, but nothing can perfectly duplicate real human hair. When you don't want anyone to know you're wearing a wig, then choosing human hair could be your best choice.