The Straight Razor Shave: Why It's The Hallmark Of The Best Barbershops

Posted on: 26 March 2019

Many a barbershop can cut your hair, but only a few can still do a straight razor shave. This is a close shave with a very sharp exposed blade, and only the steadiest and most skilled hands can do it. If you have never had a straight razor shave, gentlemen, you need to try it just once. It is the hallmark of the best barbershops, and here is why. 

No One Does It Anymore

With all of the electric razors and clippers available, not that many barbers handle straight razors. Barbers coming out of barber school are not taught this skill anymore either. If new graduates of barber schools know how to use a straight razor, it is because they taught themselves. 

It Is a Spa-Like Experience for Men

Women have many spa services for pampering themselves. Men have very few. When you ask for a straight razor shave, it starts with a hot, moist towel coiled around your face and a relaxing few minutes in the barber chair doing nothing else. As the hot towel opens pores and makes it easier for the razor to cut closer to the base of every hair shaft, you can feel the closeness. It also helps with the exfoliation process during the shave, making rough, dry skin moist enough to scrape away as the blade glides over and reveals healthier skin underneath. 

It Takes an Experienced and Skilled Hand

The razor's blade is very sharp. It takes a lot of experience and skill to shave the curves of a man's face with this blade without cutting the client. A barber that can do that is quite the gifted barber, and a very rare one at that.

The Shave Is a Niche Service

It is not often that you hear about barbershops offering services that you cannot get anywhere else. Unique services are niche services, and experiences that everyone is after. With this type of shave, you know that you are receiving a niche service that most other shops in the city do not offer and cannot possibly offer because they do not have anyone skilled enough to do it. Try looking for any other shops in town that offer this service, and you will find them few and far between, and only the best and most highly recommended shops have barbers who can handle a straight razor with skill. 

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