4 Tips For Thicker, Longer Hair

Posted on: 5 December 2018

Hair care is an important part of any personal care routine. Whether you want to repair your thinning hair or you just want healthier, more lush hair, it can only be achieved through the right products and proper care. Here are four tips to help you get thicker, longer hair.

1. Take supplements

Certain supplements can boost hair growth. Many people recommend taking prenatal vitamins for more beautiful hair, and science backs this up. According to Health, the B vitamins in prenatal vitamins are very good for your hair. B vitamins can make your hair follicles healthier, so they produce stronger and shinier hair. Supplements will benefit you over time, but you might not see results right away. If you take them diligently, you should see healthier hair in a few months.

2. Apply a hair follicle stimulant

A hair follicle stimulant is formulated with ingredients to nourish your scalp. You should apply it to your hair at the roots. Massage the hair follicle stimulant into your scalp for five minutes, taking care to get your whole scalp. The massaging action helps to stimulate your hair follicles as well. This can help your hair grow faster, so you can have more luxurious hair. Wash your hair once you're done and make sure to repeat the process as often as directed on the bottle.

3. Use a bristle brush

Natural bristle brushes are made from the hair of boars, and they're great for hair care. Bristle brushes redistribute the natural oils of your scalp. Contrary to what shampoo ads might have you think, your scalp's natural oil is very healthy for your hair. Bristle brushes can also provide a light massage for your scalp which can encourage hair growth.

4. Avoid unnecessary damage

In order to get longer, thicker hair, there are some things you shouldn't do. Avoid heat styling your hair whenever possible, since flat irons and curling irons can cause damage to your hair that can leave it brittle and prone to breakage. If you want to curl your hair, use gentler methods like setting it with cold rollers overnight. Braiding your wet hair can also give you nice loose waves. You should also avoid bleaching your hair to prevent damage.

Ultimately, beautiful hair is a sign of good health. When you take care of your hair, it can look incredible. These simple tips will help you grow healthier and longer hair naturally.