Medical Reasons To Invest In Botox

Posted on: 19 September 2016

A desire to appear youthful and vibrant has led to the popularity of Botox treatments to help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. While Botox certainly has its aesthetic benefits, many people fail to realize that Botox injections can also serve valuable medical purposes as well.

Here are three medical conditions whose symptoms can be alleviated through regular Botox injections.

1. TMJ

Experts estimate that some 10 million Americans battle with TMJ on a daily basis. This condition can be painful, and finding relief isn't always easy. When you have TMJ, the muscles responsible for operating the jaw become involuntarily clenched for long periods of time.

This clenching can lead to headaches, teeth grinding, and lack of sleep. Botox injections can help relax the clenched muscles associated with TMJ. Ask your doctor about the potential benefits of using Botox to help you manage your TMJ pain in the future.

2. Gummy Smile 

If a significant portion of your upper gum is visible when you smile, you know how challenging living with a gummy smile can be. Not only are gummy smiles considered to be less aesthetically pleasing than traditional smiles, but an exposed upper gum can become dried out. A shortage of saliva can lead to the development of cavities, so treating a gummy smile to help prevent dried-out gums can be medically beneficial.

Botox injections can be used to help temporarily paralyze the muscles in the upper lip. This allows the lip to cover more of the gum line when you smile, helping you to better protect your dental health.

3. Migraines

Those who suffer with chronic migraines know the debilitating effect these serious headaches can have on one's life. If you find that chronic migraines are forcing you to isolate yourself from the people and activities you once enjoyed, then investing in Botox injections to help you treat these migraines could be beneficial.

Since Botox has the ability to relax the muscles of the head and neck, these injections can dull the pain associated with future migraines by preventing the muscles from becoming tense when a headache hits. Treatment for migraines includes 31 Botox injections administered at seven targeted sites around the head and neck to help you find relief from your migraines in the future.

Using Botox as a way to help you maintain your health can be beneficial. If you have TMJ, a gummy smile, or suffer with chronic migraines, ask your doctor about the benefits of using Botox to alleviate your symptoms.