How To Find A Private Label Skincare Brand To Sell

Posted on: 23 November 2015

If you are thinking about selling a line of private label beauty products at your spa or retail store, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices available. It may seem hard to narrow down what product line you should carry and how those products will complement your business. But have no fear. Below is a simple guide to get you started on selecting a private label skincare brand to sell as your very own.

What exactly is private label?

Private labels are products that are manufactured by wholesalers that you can put your own label on. You are allowed to brand the product any way you see fit so that it complements the rest of your business. Any skincare product line you sell will be manufactured secretly by this company. All of the product testing has been finished as well. All you need to do is figure out how to brand it.

What products make sense for the image that your business is striving for?

Do you run a holistic spa or yoga store? You would do well selling all organic skincare that offers a holistic approach. Do you run a glamorous boutique? Your products could be full of luxurious ingredients that will make your clients feel pampered. Another example would be if your business sells a lot of chocolates and lingerie, you could feature skincare that has sensual ingredients or scents that are traditionally thought of for food, like cacao or vanilla.The skincare products you sell should echo the other products or services that you provide.

Find a company

Now that you have decided what sort of skincare products that you would like to carry, you can find a company that makes those sorts of items. There are several ways to locate these companies.

The Internet

The holy grail of fast information, the Internet can provide you with the names of many companies that provide the type of product your are interested in. By putting the terms into a search engine like "organic private label skincare", you will be able to find the companies that you are interested in. Narrow down your choices to ten companies. Fill out the information form and they will send you free samples and a catalog.

Trade shows

This is the best way to choose a line of products if this option is available to you. At a trade show you can talk to people from each company and actually handle the full size products before making a decision.